Names. Taglines. Know-how.


In my 20-plus years as a name and tagline developer, I’ve learned a few things about name development and branding. And I’m happy to share. Here are some of my most popular blog posts:

How they got that name.

Discover the stories behind some well-known brand names:
Kindle, Siri, Twitter, Butterball, Volkswagen Tiguan.

What’s a naming brief for?

Every name-development project starts with a detailed written document called a naming brief. Here’s why.

Should name development be crowdsourced?


Why a tagline?

After your name, it’s the most visible part of your verbal brand.

Love is not enough.

Don’t expect to fall in love with a company or product name.

How to be a good client.

Strategize first, then budget. And more tips for a happy working relationship.

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