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Names. Taglines. Know-how.


All happy naming projects are not alike, because each one is tailored to the client’s schedule, culture, and preferences. But I can generalize a little: most projects take four to six weeks and comprise these five steps. I also offer a briefer (and lower-cost) consulting service for small businesses.


Looking and listening: Questionnaire, interview, and research to clarify what you’re naming and what makes you distinctive. Close analysis of competitors’ names and target market. Focus is on brand vocabulary and brand positioning.

Naming brief

Distilling and writing: Comprehensive document summarizing your project, your market, your naming objectives (what the name needs to say), and your naming criteria (how the name needs to look and sound).

Name development

Creating and refining: Sample list of names to check accuracy of naming brief. Master list of names that meet your objectives and criteria.


Checking and double-checking: Common use, domain availability, linguistic appropriateness, trademark suitability. Language and legal searches usually done with experienced specialists.


Showing and telling: The strongest name candidates, presented one at a time with all relevant background. Guided discussion and advice on how to reach a satisfying decision.